1. CRSingles
    Free downloads of our best tracks

  2. NL TOUR Sampler 2017
    Gunther Brown (Free Download!)

  3. FREE DOWNLOAD Oklahoma Room at FAI 2017 v.a.
    FREE DOWNLOAD Oklahoma Room FAI 2017

  4. Careless Soul
    Cale Tyson

  5. Forager
    Lauren Barth (May 5 release)

  6. Uneven Ground
    Lynne Hanson (April 2017)

  7. An Okie Opera
    Levi Parham

  8. Road
    Lynn Miles with Keith Glass (April 2017)

  9. Long List Of Priors
    Kenny White (April 2017)

  10. A Girl In Teen City
    Oh Susanna March 31

  11. Bitter Midnight
    Chris Bergson Band (March 17)

  12. A Song I Can Live With
    Chip Taylor (February 2017)

  13. These American Blues
    Levi Parham

  14. Queen Of Oklahoma
    Carter Sampson

  15. In Concert
    Meena Cryle & the Chris Fillmore Band

  16. Songs From Dan
    Dan Tuffy (February release)

  17. Veg Out
    Any Vegetable (November release)

  18. The Pilot and The Flying Machine
    Ben Bedford

  19. Before We Change Our Mind

  20. Little Brothers
    Chip Taylor

  21. Dustin Pittsley Band
    Dustin Pittsley Band (Nov 2016)

  22. Christmas from Amsterdam to Oklahoma
    Hidden Agenda Deluxe & Carter Sampson (November release)

  23. Another Man
    Little Steve & The Big Beat (November 2016)

  24. Far Cries and Close Calls
    John Calvin Abney

  25. Bible Belt
    Kalyn Fay (July release)

  26. Avalon Drive
    Levi Parham

  27. Time To Roll
    MonkeyJunk (3 track sampler, November release)

  28. Only Now
    Osborne Jones (November 2016)

  29. Memphis Moon
    Phil Bee's Freedom (September release)

  30. Used Man For Sale
    Phil Gammage (November 2016)

  31. Careless
    Richard Shindell

  32. Maxwell Street
    Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters (September 9 release)

  33. Keepin' Outta Trouble
    Rory Block (3track sampler, November release)

  34. My Throat Is Soar
    Shannon Lyon (November 2016 release)

  35. Soon Enough
    Erin Rae and the Meanwhiles

  36. Flowers and Wounds
    Jesse Aycock

  37. Lead Me To The Water
    The Looking (July release)

  38. Wilder Side
    Carter Sampson (March 2016)

  39. Ride The One
    Paul Reddick (June release)

  40. Jumpin' and Boppin'
    Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne (June 2016)

  41. Sneaker
    Paul Benjaman Band (Jan 2016)

  42. Easy People
    Pilgrim (Jan. 2016)

  43. Fullers Blues
    Johnny Fuller & Phillip Walker Band (June Release)

  44. Novemberwind
    Dick van Altena

  45. Bad Kids Club
    Meschiya Lake & Little Big Horns

  46. Lights Out
    David Corley

  47. Pan Alley Fever
    Hidden Agenda Deluxe

  48. Ins Blaue Hinein
    BJ Baartmans & Mike Roelofs

  49. Best Of 10 Years Arabicana (Vinyl)
    NO Blues

  50. Available Light
    David Corley

  51. Cleveland Summer Nights
    Wink Burcham

  52. Windvogel
    Jos Hol

  53. One Take Only
    Suzanne Jarvie

  54. North Wind
    Gunther Brown

  55. To The Mountain
    Kreg Viesselman (Dec 2015)

  56. Indian Summer
    Rachel Dean

  57. Hoka Hey
    Dan Martin (Jan. 2016)

  58. Live at Fellowship Hall Sound
    Jacob Tovar and the Saddletramps (Jan. 2016)

  59. Balls and Horns
    Mojo Man (20 nov.. release)

  60. Got Myself Together (10 Years Later)
    Danny Barnes

  61. Raise Your Hands!
    Sam Butler

  62. Cowboy Heroes and Old Folk Songs
    Wink Burcham

  63. Spiral Road
    Suzanne Jarvie

  64. Mexican Spaghetti Western (Deluxe edition)

  65. I Go By Feel
    Kai Strauss

  66. Cold and Bitter Tears (The Songs of Ted Hawkins)

  67. Muddy Waters 100
    John Primer, Shemekia Copeland, Johnny Winter, James Cotton, Billy Flynn, Gary Clark Jr.

  68. Oh Yeah Habibi
    NO Blues

  69. Less Is More
    Gordie Tentrees

  70. Rich In Love
    Colin Linden

  71. Moon Turn Red

  72. Father's Day
    Ronnie Earl & Broadcasters

  73. Capital
    The Sideshow Tragedy

  74. Day Into Night

  75. With a Lampshade On
    The Dustbowl Revival

  76. Carnero Vaquero
    Ian Tyson

  77. Best Of The Stony Plain Years
    Jeff Healey

  78. Later (NL/English)
    BJ's Wild Verband

  79. Truckin Sessions vol. 3
    Dale Watson

  80. Chalk This One Up To The Moon
    Lynn Miles

  81. Do You Remember Me?
    Andy Pratt

  82. Pack Up The Circus
    Session Americana

  83. Like The First Time
    Clarence Bucaro

  84. That Kind Of Girl
    Amy Speace

  85. Heart On Fire
    The Juke Joints

  86. Suddenly I Like It
    Paul Jones

  87. Black To Blue
    Gaelle Buswel

  88. Ways and Needs of a Night Horse
    Point Quiet

  89. Litlle Prayers Trilogy (selection)
    Chip Taylor

  90. Kind Of Blues (selection)
    The Blues Vision

  91. For Pops
    Mud Morganfield & Kim Wilson

  92. Living Tear to Tear (selection)
    Sugar Ray & Bluetones

  93. Guy Forsyth Band - Red Dress (selection)

  94. AmericAna Landscapes: Oklahoma
    Various Artists - Oklahoma

  95. Guy Forsyth Band - The Pleaser
    Guy Forsyth Band

  96. I Am Here (selection)
    Linde Nijland

  97. Best of the Stony Plain Years (selection)
    Long John Baldry

  98. Eric Devries - Close To Home (selection)

  99. BJ Baartmans - Huis (selektie)

  100. Good News
    Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters

  101. Trouble - The Howlin' Brothers

  102. St. Louis Times
    Jim Byrnes

  103. I

  104. Things That Used To Shine
    Wild Ponies

  105. Dust My Broom (selection)
    Preston Shannon

  106. See The Sky About To Rain
    Colleen Rennison

  107. A Permeable Life
    Carrie Newcomer

  108. Royal Street
    Amanda Pearcy

  109. Rootical
    Lloyd Brown

  110. Sweet Poison
    David Olney

  111. Electric Blues
    Kai Strauss

  112. Dangerous Spirits - Roots Collectibles
    Ray Wylie Hubbard

  113. Fooler's Gold
    Meschiya Lake & The Little Big Horns

  114. The Reconciliation?
    My Darling Clementine

  115. Hometown
    Vincent Bucher

  116. In Our Nature
    Blue Rodeo

  117. Rain Plans
    Israel Nash

  118. Easy Heart
    Jens Lysdal

  119. Steve Blabbermouth Thompson - Ramble

    Israel Nash

  121. My Street
    Ursula Ricks

  122. Play One Fore Me
    Bryan Lee

  123. Gypsy For One Day
    La Caravane Passe

  124. Renewing Disguises
    Jimmy Earl

  125. Ain't No More Love In This House
    Lou Pride

  126. My Moby Dick
    Jeff Finlin

  127. The Woodwards Two
    The Woodwards

  128. All Frequencies

  129. Kind Of NO Blues
    NO Blues

  130. Howl
    The Howlin Brothers

  131. If You Lose Your Light
    Kreg Viesselman

  132. Love And Dirt
    Session Americana

  133. The Cloud Appreciation Society
    Melanie Horsnell

  134. Downpour
    Lynn Miles

  135. The Reconciliation, "The Gospel According To George",
    My Darling Clementine

  136. How To Sleep In A Stormy Boat
    Amy Speace


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