1. CRS summer singles 2023

  2. Short Stories
    Sean Taylor (October releae)

  3. Walk Alone
    Josh Gray (August 2023)

  4. Bywater Call - Sweet Maria

  5. Songs For Rieany Plus
    Rieany Plus (2024 album release)

  6. Diamonds On The Road (Live 2023)
    Erja Lyytinen (October 6 2023 release)

  7. Modern Tense
    King Tree & the Earthmothers

  8. Plan B
    Big Daddy Wilson & the Goosebumps Bros.

  9. Pure Country
    Dick van Altena & Johan Jansen

  10. Jimmie Vaughan Story - Box Set.
    Jimmie Vaughan and many many guests.

  11. The Cradle Of All Living Things
    Chip Taylor April 2023

  12. Six Strings Of Steel
    Duke Robillard and his All-Star Band (June 23)

  13. El Tiradito (2CD)
    Dean Owens (May 2023 release)

  14. Colors of Jealousy
    Micke Bjorklof & Blue Strip (June 2023)

  15. Aide-Memoire
    Geraint Watkins (April 7 2023)

  16. The Woodstock Album
    Matthews Southern Comfort

  17. Just a Dream
    Daniele Tenca

  18. Basement Blues
    Fabrizio Poggi

  19. Foolish Like The Flowers (Live)
    Eric Andersen

  20. Live (with Sneaky Pete and Skip Battin)
    Greg Harris

  21. Goin' Home
    Harry Hmura

  22. Roads Taken
    Ron Lasalle

  23. Another World
    Erja Lyytinen

  24. Introducing the Ozdemirs
    The Ozdemirs

  25. Royal Oaks Blues Cafe
    Trudy Lynn (March 2023)

  26. Astray
    La Ratte (Febr. 2023)

  27. Flang Dang
    Andy Fairweather Low (April 7)

  28. The Road To The Sky
    Gwil Owen (February 2023)

  29. Lowland Brothers
    Lowland Brothers

  30. Shoulder It
    Walter Parks and the Unlawful Assembly (February 2023)

  31. CRS Rhythm 'n Roots Sampler 2023 -1

  32. Lulu and the Broadsides
    Dayna Kurtz

  33. Spark & Flame
    Jim Keller (11-11-2022)

  34. Waiting For The Daylight
    Erja Lyytinen (Oct. 7 2022)

  35. Hard Road
    Shawn Pittman (Nov 25)

  36. Going Back To Mississippi
    Johnny Rawls (Nov 25 2022)

  37. Redesigning Women
    Re Any

  38. Night Shift
    Kai Strauss (Nov 25 2022)

  39. Honesty Of The Hopeful
    Dieter van der Westen Band

  40. Homebound
    Copperhead County

  41. Back To The Country 7
    Dick van Altena & Savannah

  42. Anam Cara
    Spellbound (October 14 2022)

  43. Rickies Till Dawn
    Leo Koster Band (Sept. 30 2022)

  44. Ol' Kentucky Light
    Lara Taubman (September 16)

  45. Sinner's Shrine
    Dean Owens

  46. Soul Crusade
    Jeffrey Halford and the Healers (Sept. 23)

  47. Words On The Wind
    Kerri Powers (September 2022)

  48. Hopeless Romantic
    Bobby Dove (August 2022)

  49. The Fall Of The Western Sun
    Don Michael Sampson

  50. CRS SINGLES (download sampler)
    CRS Roots 'n Blues

  51. Fake Tan
    Iain Matthews & the Salmon Smokers

  52. St Paul's Boulevard
    Michael McDermott

  53. Stripped Down in Memphis
    Big Jack Johnson (feat. Kim Wilson and Wild Child Butler) June 2022

  54. Soul on the Line
    Jeff Finlin

  55. Wreckage 1
    Robert Jon & the Wreck

  56. The Lights Went Out In Dallas
    Mike Morgan & The Crawl (May 2022)

  57. Cafe de Leeuw
    Dick van Altena

  58. 02:10 The Early Years
    Danny Bryant March 11 release

  59. Satellite Shuffle
    The Space Age Travellers (April release)

  60. Spirals
    Kate Ellis

  61. All Is Quiet
    Susan Cattaneo

  62. Royal Ten
    King Of The World

  63. When The Wind Blows - The Songs Of Townes Van Zandt
    Various Artists

  64. Hope
    Fabrizio Poggi & Enrico Pesce

  65. Zabala
    Andrea Parodi

  66. The Infinite & The Autogrill Vol. 1
    Bocephus King

  67. Buscadero Americana
    Various Artists

  68. Insurrection Blues
    Corey Harris

  69. The Burning Heart
    Dean Owens (Desert Trilogy EP 1)

  70. Sand and Blood
    Dean Owens (Desert Trilogy EP 2)

  71. Ghosts
    Dean Owens (Desert Trilogy EP 3)

  72. The Language of Curiosity
    Starlite Campbell Band (November 2021 release)

  73. Kris Wiley
    Kris Wiley

  74. Grolloo Blues (2CD/LP)
    Cuby + Blizzards

  75. Not In My Lifetime
    Wee Willie Walker (August release)

  76. Headed South
    Martha Fields

  77. Go By Feel
    The Hello Darlins (august 2021)

  78. Shine a Light on Me Brother
    Robert Jon and the Wreck (September 3)

  79. Hard Time Blues
    Big Daddy Wilson (September 2021)

  80. Best of 2021: Roots
    Free Downloadable Sampler

  81. Best of 2021: Blues
    Free Downloadable Sampler

  82. Hard Time Blues - Instrumentals
    Big Daddy Wilson

  83. Now and Then
    Shaye Zadravec

  84. Be Ready When I Call You
    Guy Davis (June 18)

  85. All I Got Left
    Chris Bergson

  86. Finally (2CD)
    The Secret Combination (May 28)

  87. X-mas Morning
    The Secret Combination

  88. By No Means
    Jim Keller (May 21)

  89. The Cause Of It All
    Reverend Shawn Amos (May 21)

  90. The Day Deserved
    Doug Hoekstra (April 30)

  91. Solitaire
    Ted Russell Kamp (May 7)

  92. Annamania
    Anna Elizabeth Laube (Spring 2021)

  93. Elmore James For President
    Johnny Mastro & Mama's Boys (Febr. 26)

  94. Stompin' Solo
    Shawn Pittman (solo) March 2021

  95. Spaceology
    The Space Age Travellers (Jan 2021 release)

  96. BEST OF CRS 2020
    Free Downloadable Sampler

  97. CRS Bluesy Roots
    some of our favorite blues tracks for free

  98. Single Luck June 2020
    Free Download CRS presents Wolfe Island Records

  99. Single Luck April 2020 (FREE DOWNLOAD)

  100. CRSingles
    Free downloads of our best tracks

  101. Ramblin Roots Sampler
    Ramblin Roots/CRS sampler

  102. Rise
    Joanna Connors

  103. There's Always Next Year
    Carter Sampson

  104. Leaving at Daybreak
    Meena Cryle and The Chris Fillmore Band

  105. I Live for You (George Harrison cover)
    Jarrod Dickenson

  106. Last Goodbeye
    Shane Alexander & Justine Bennett

  107. In My Prime
    Kai Strauss (NOV 27 release)

  108. Country Darkness
    My Darling Clementine (with Steve Nieve) Nov. 6 2020

  109. A Heartbeat Away
    Hilde Vos

  110. Take Me Back
    Kim Wilson

  111. Blonde On The Tracks
    Emma Swift

  112. Beware of Worthless Imitations (vol.1)
    Jeffrey Halford (October)

  113. Last Light On The Highway
    Robert Jon and the Wreck

  114. Good Life Pie
    Robert Jon and the Wreck

  115. Robert Jon & the Wreck
    Robert Jon and the Wreck

  116. Live From Hawaii
    Robert Jon and the Wreck

  117. Glory Bound
    Robert Jon and the Wreck

  118. Take Me Higher
    Robert Jon and the Wreck

  119. Treasure Keepers
    Ad Vanderveen

  120. Lumen
    No Blues

  121. Ya Dunya
    No Blues

  122. Oh Yeah Habibi
    No Blues

  123. Best Of 10 Years Arabicana (Vinyl)
    NO Blues

  124. My Last Storm
    Douglas Greer (September)

  125. We'll Look For Stars
    Lynn Miles (July 3)

  126. Starlight
    Templo Diez

  127. Live at Newland.nl
    Heather Myles

  128. Live at Newland.nl
    Dale Watson

  129. Live Is a Carnival
    The Weight Band (July 3 release)

  130. What In The World
    Michael McDermott (June 2020)

  131. Dockside Saints
    Cary Morin (August release)

  132. Brothers
    Copperhead County (street date Sept 24)

  133. When a Clown Thinks He's King (Sessions 19)
    Kerri Powers

  134. Steel JJ's Christmas Collection
    Johan Jansen

  135. Mamboroma
    Hasan Özgök & the Roma-Latin Project

  136. Fremantle
    Scarlett Graham (july 10 release0

  137. Revelation
    Lara Taubman (July 10 CD&LP)

  138. The Ropes
    The Ropes (July 24)

  139. Let The Fire Lead
    Micke & Lefty feat. Chef (June 26)

  140. Paul J Bolger
    Paul J Bolger (June 2020)

  141. Blue Sky
    Reverend Shawn Amos and the Brotherhood (April 17)

  142. Where we're Heading
    Leif de Leeuw Band (March 13)

  143. Muscle Shoals
    Eileen Rose (May 2020)

  144. Make It Right
    Shawn Pittman (April 2020)

  145. Stay Awake (Deluxe Version)
    Noble Jacks

  146. Letters Of Gold
    Dan Tuffy (April 24)

  147. Bad Wife
    Grant Peeples (March 13)

  148. Live In Europe
    Johnny Rawls (13-3)

  149. Texas Guitar Slinger
    Joe Guitar Hughes

  150. Best Beasts
    Matt Harlan (Februari 2020)

  151. Flesh & Bones
    24 Pesos (November 22)

  152. Live in Normandy
    Chris Bergson and Ellis Hooks (Sept 27)

  153. Final Refuge
    Ad Vanderveen

  154. Ghost of Love
    Jeremy Nail (October 18 release)

  155. TRIO
    Carter Sampson (with Kyle Reid, Jason Scott) 5 track tour EP

  156. Starseeds
    Kerri Powers

  157. A Life Like Ours
    Shane Alexander (november release)

  158. Letters Under Floorboards
    Hannah Rose Plat t (October 25 2019)

  159. ELeVatIonS
    Meena (Cryle) & Chris Fillmore Band (Oct. 18 release)

  160. When I Rise
    Cary Morin (Sept. release)

  161. Late Lente
    Dick van Altena (3 september release)

  162. Bully Pulpit
    Jared Deck (Sept. 13 2019)

  163. Live in Concert
    Kai Strauss & Electric Blues All Stars

  164. Getting Personal
    Kai Strauss

  165. The Blues Is Handmade
    Kai Strauss (best of on VINYL!)

  166. I Go By Feel
    Kai Strauss

  167. Electric Blues
    Kai Strauss

  168. In Concert
    Meena Cryle & the Chris Fillmore Band

  169. World Gone Mad
    The Weight Band

  170. Verses
    Caroline Herring

  171. TWANG
    Osborne Jones (digital compilation)

  172. The Fearlessness
    Park 88 (Rich Wyman and Lisa Needham) Sept 13 2019

  173. Johnstown 20th Anniversary edition
    Oh Susanna

  174. Whiskey Salesman
    Chip Taylor (June release)

  175. Jimmy & The Moon
    Stephen Stanley Band (June 19 release)

  176. Orphans
    Michael McDermott

  177. In The Clear
    Suzanne Jarvie (February 2019)

  178. Under a Texas Sky (5 track EP)
    Jarrod Dickenson (March 8 2019)

  179. Onward
    Tip Jar

  180. Country Voor Beginners en Gevorderden
    Janssen, De Boer en Ketner

  181. Slapback To The Future
    The Space Age Travellers

  182. Walking in the Wild (CD & LP)
    Point Quiet (March 15)

  183. Life Will Humble You
    Malford Milligan& Southern Aces (international release Jan. 2019)

  184. Live at Bluesnow!
    Big Pete (feat. Kid Ramos, Anthony Geraci, Monster Mike Welch) International release January 18

  185. Middle Voice
    Kate Fenner (Febr. 15)

  186. Adventures in the Shadows
    The Space Age Travellers

  187. Angels In The Snow
    Hidden Agenda Deluxe (guest Oh Susanna) Xmas tour 2018

  188. Leo Koster Sings Gene Clark
    Leo Koster

  189. Live in Holland (BDCF tour)
    Israel Nash (Gripka)

  190. Lonely Hearts
    Dick van Altena

  191. The Secret Us
    Etan Huijs

  192. Nerve Syrup
    The Bluescure

  193. Verzamelaar
    BJ Baartmans Jubileum CD (Sept. release)

  194. Lost Tapes of Suzanna Hamilton
    Kendel Carson (Oct. release) Disc 1 of 2 (with Calgary Sessions)

  195. Calgary Sessions
    Kendel Carson (October release) (bonus disc with Suzanna Hamilton)

  196. Live At The Colony
    Seth Lee Jones (Sept. 21 release)

  197. Dancing Shadows
    Martha Fields (Sept 7 release)

  198. Son Of The South
    Mohead (Sept. 14 release)

  199. Ever Closer
    Osborne Jones

  200. Hadley McCall Thackston
    Hadley McCall Thackston

  201. "It's All Good"
    Levi Parham (May 18/25 release)

  202. Lucky
    Carter Sampson

  203. A Wilder and Another Side
    Carter Sampson (Vinyl only compilation)

  204. Out From Under
    Michael McDermott (April/May)

  205. Double Sixty
    Greyhound (preview, June 23 release)

  206. Endless Road
    Verbraak |Van Bijnen (Holland/July, Internationally August)

  207. Live in Concert
    Leif de Leeuw Band

  208. Dance Scandal at the Gymnasium!
    The Claudettes (April 13 release)

  209. Twentyfive Live (at Blues Baltica)
    Micke Bjorklof & Blue Strip (april release)

  210. Settling Scores vol. II
    Grant Peeples (April 6 release)

  211. Fix Your Words
    Chip Taylor (March 2 2018 release)

  212. A Room Full Of Strangers
    JW Roy & the Royal Family (not for Benelux)

  213. The Long Road
    Hilde Vos (March 9 2018)

  214. Denver Nevada
    Ad Vanderveen (February 16)

  215. Come On In
    Prinz Grizzley (Febr. 16 release)

  216. Breaks It Down
    Reverend Shawn Amos (Febr. 16 2018)

  217. Dust Cloud Refrain
    Adam James Sorensen (Febr. 23)

  218. Fear Not
    Cameron Blake

  219. Last Chance, The Warner Bros. Years
    Chip Taylor

  220. Singer and Songs
    Dick van Altena

  221. Until Better Times
    Leif de Leeuw Band

  222. Ghost On The Car Radio
    Slaid Cleaves

  223. Handcrafted
    Josh Harty (September 2017 release and tour)

  224. Holding On
    Josh Harty (October release + tour)

  225. Better Than Alone
    Chris Blevins (August 25)

  226. Bitter Midnight
    Chris Bergson Band

  227. Dust My Broom
    Preston Shannon

  228. Nos Da Comrade
    Peter Bruntnell (augustus 2017)

  229. Zero Moon
    David Corley (June 2017 release)

  230. Still Testifying
    My Darling Clementine (June 2)

  231. Shisha Group
    Shisha Group

  232. Careless Soul
    Cale Tyson

  233. Queen Of Oklahoma
    Carter Sampson (april 2017 release)

  234. Unfold
    Aidan's Well

  235. Crossroads (Un)Plugged
    The Juke Joints

  236. 2nd Line City
    Verbraak|Van Bijnen

  237. Long List Of Priors
    Kenny White (April 2017)

  238. A Girl In Teen City
    Oh Susanna March 31

  239. Forager
    Lauren Barth (May 5 release)

  240. Uneven Ground
    Lynne Hanson (April 2017)

  241. The Guru In The Girl
    Jeff Finlin (May 26)

  242. An Okie Opera
    Levi Parham

  243. A Song I Can Live With
    Chip Taylor (February 2017)

  244. Black and White
    Danny Bryant

  245. Just As I Am
    Danny Bryant

  246. Watching You!
    Danny Bryant

  247. Live
    Danny Bryant

  248. Road
    Lynn Miles with Keith Glass (April 2017)

  249. Songs From Dan
    Dan Tuffy (February release)

  250. And Still I Rise
    Heritage Blues Orchestra

  251. Live in Holland
    Israel Nash

  252. Fooler's Gold
    Meschiya Lake & The Little Big Horns

  253. Lucky Devil
    Meschiya Lake & The Little Big Horns

  254. Bad Kids Club
    Meschiya Lake & Little Big Horns

  255. Live In Holland
    Pokey Lafarge & The South City Three

  256. Veg Out
    Any Vegetable (November release)

  257. These American Blues
    Levi Parham

  258. Before We Change Our Mind

  259. Little Brothers
    Chip Taylor

  260. Dustin Pittsley Band
    Dustin Pittsley Band (Nov 2016)

  261. Christmas from Amsterdam to Oklahoma
    Hidden Agenda Deluxe & Carter Sampson

  262. Another Man
    Little Steve & The Big Beat (November 2016)

  263. Bible Belt
    Kalyn Fay (July release)

  264. Avalon Drive
    Levi Parham

  265. Time To Roll
    MonkeyJunk (3 track sampler, November release)

  266. Only Now
    Osborne Jones (November 2016)

  267. Used Man For Sale
    Phil Gammage (November 2016)

  268. Careless
    Richard Shindell

  269. My Throat Is Soar
    Shannon Lyon (November 2016 release)

  270. Soon Enough
    Erin Rae and the Meanwhiles

  271. Flowers and Wounds
    Jesse Aycock

  272. Lead Me To The Water
    The Looking (July release)

  273. Wilder Side
    Carter Sampson (March 2016)

  274. Sneaker
    Paul Benjaman Band (Jan 2016)

  275. Easy People
    Pilgrim (Jan. 2016)

  276. Fullers Blues
    Johnny Fuller & Phillip Walker Band (June Release)

  277. Novemberwind
    Dick van Altena

  278. Lights Out
    David Corley

  279. Pan Alley Fever
    Hidden Agenda Deluxe

  280. Ins Blaue Hinein
    BJ Baartmans & Mike Roelofs

  281. Available Light
    David Corley

  282. Cleveland Summer Nights
    Wink Burcham

  283. Windvogel
    Jos Hol

  284. One Take Only
    Suzanne Jarvie

  285. North Wind
    Gunther Brown

  286. To The Mountain
    Kreg Viesselman (Dec 2015)

  287. Indian Summer
    Rachel Dean

  288. Hoka Hey
    Dan Martin (Jan. 2016)

  289. Live at Fellowship Hall Sound
    Jacob Tovar and the Saddletramps (Jan. 2016)

  290. Balls and Horns
    Mojo Man (20 nov.. release)

  291. Got Myself Together (10 Years Later)
    Danny Barnes

  292. Cowboy Heroes and Old Folk Songs
    Wink Burcham

  293. Spiral Road
    Suzanne Jarvie

  294. Cold and Bitter Tears (The Songs of Ted Hawkins)

  295. Muddy Waters 100
    John Primer, Shemekia Copeland, Johnny Winter, James Cotton, Billy Flynn, Gary Clark Jr.

  296. Less Is More
    Gordie Tentrees

  297. Capital
    The Sideshow Tragedy

  298. With a Lampshade On
    The Dustbowl Revival

  299. Later (NL/English)
    BJ's Wild Verband

  300. Truckin Sessions vol. 3
    Dale Watson

  301. Chalk This One Up To The Moon
    Lynn Miles

  302. Do You Remember Me?
    Andy Pratt

  303. Pack Up The Circus
    Session Americana

  304. Like The First Time
    Clarence Bucaro

  305. That Kind Of Girl
    Amy Speace

  306. Heart On Fire
    The Juke Joints

  307. Suddenly I Like It
    Paul Jones

  308. Black To Blue
    Gaelle Buswel

  309. Ways and Needs of a Night Horse
    Point Quiet

  310. Litlle Prayers Trilogy (selection)
    Chip Taylor

  311. AmericAna Landscapes: Oklahoma
    Various Artists - Oklahoma

  312. Guy Forsyth Band - The Pleaser
    Guy Forsyth Band

  313. I Am Here (selection)
    Linde Nijland

  314. Trouble - The Howlin' Brothers

  315. I

  316. Things That Used To Shine
    Wild Ponies

  317. A Permeable Life
    Carrie Newcomer

  318. The Reconciliation?
    My Darling Clementine

  319. Easy Heart
    Jens Lysdal

  320. Steve Blabbermouth Thompson - Ramble


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